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Meet the 10,000 Waves Guides!

Our approach to guiding at 10,000 Waves was shaped by our founder , Deb Moravec. Deb was a great boater, passionate guide and important member of the whitewater and environmental activist community in Missoula. Deb was known for being smart, hardworking, tenacious and fiercely loyal to her guides and guests. Starting in the early 90′s Deb created a high standard of customer service and professionalism in a Montana whitewater industry that was rough around the edges. Deb made sure all the details were taken care of so 10,000 Waves guests and guides were sure to have a wonderful day on the river. We strive to offer guests the high quality river experiences Deb originally intended on Montana’s finest rivers.

Waves Photo -1

David Roberts,  Montana

Maddie with CLiffside

Maddey Frey, Kalispell



Tom Attwater, Kansas

Paul with a Happy Crew

Paul Heffernan, Missoula


Russell Gilbertson, Oregon


Ellie Turner, Vermont

Ev & Sam Guiding

Sam Johnston, Missoula

Jack Scott, Lead Guide

Jack Scott,  Montana

Martin Belden, Missoula

Martin Belden, Missoula

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