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Guide School

Our 5-day Guide School offers comprehensive training with a hands-on approach, for the individual interested in becoming a professional raft guide. This is an ideal introduction to whitewater rafting, whether you intend to become a professional guide or run private river trips. The school is fast paced, physically and mentally challenging, but also rewarding and a lot of fun.

Guide school is broken up into two sections. The first three days consist of reading water and basic guiding skills. The last two days will focus on river rescue techniques.  Course fee includes lunch, use of  lifejacket, wetsuit, booties and splash jacket.

Topics will include:

  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Equipment rigging, handling and maintenance
  • Pre-trip safety/orientation talks
  • River etiquette, safety and rescue skills
  • Reading whitewater and navigation
  • Knots and basic rope systems
  • CPR/First Aid also available

Date: May 16th – 20th
Cost: $325

Guiding Requirements for 10,000 Waves:

*Complete guide school and guide check-off

*FAS permit

*First-Aid & CPR

*CDL Drivers License

*DOT drug testing required

For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call, 406-549-6670.

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