River Training Calendar 2021

Swiftwater Rescue Classes &  Raft Guide Schools

Summer Adventure Camps & Clinics with 10,000 Waves

Raft Guide Schools, Whitewater Rafting Workshops, and Swiftwater Rescue Classes are all available in Missoula this spring and summer. We have taught swiftwater rescue on rivers all over the world since 1994: We offer our classes cooperatively with Montana River Guides, The Whitewater Rescue Institute, and Aerie Backcountry Medicine. Call 406-240-9833 to register. Or Email: missoularafttrips@gmail.com.

Our Raft Guide Schools are intended for novice river guides and rafters who want to lead family and friends on whitewater trips. Our Swiftwater rescue classes are designed for professional guides and rescuers, and private boaters who want to be better prepared to avoid river accidents and to respond when things do go wrong.

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Calendar Below

Raft Guide School

April 2-4                           Rafting Workshop: Rowing Whitewater                               Missoula, MT

April 9-13                          Raft Guide School                                                                      Missoula, MT

April 9-11                          Swiftwater Rescue Technician                                                Missoula, MT

April 16-18                        Whitewater Rafting Workshop                                               Missoula, MT

April 23-25                       Swiftwater Rescue Technician                                                 Missoula, MT

May 7-9                              Swiftwater Rescue: Technician                                               Missoula, MT

May 7-11                             Raft Guide School                                                                      Missoula, MT

May 10-11                           Whitewater Rafting Workshop                                               Missoula, MT

May 28-30                         Whitewater Rescue Institue: Technician                               Missoula, MT

June 11-13                          Swiftwater Rescue: Technician                                                Missoula, MT

June 11-15                          Raft Guide School                                                                       Missoula, MT

June 14-15                          Whitewater Rafting Workshop                                               Missoula, MT

June 18-20                         Family Whitewater Workshop                                                Missoula, MT

June 21-24                         Teen Whitewater Skills Camp                                                  Missoula, MT

June 16-18                         Teen Whitewater Safety: Raft,Kayak, Surf                            Missoula, MT

June 22-26                        Teen Whitewater Camp                                                             Missoula, MT

June 28-July 1                  Teen Whitewater Safety: Raft,Kayak, Surf                            Missoula, MT

August 10-14                     Teen Whitewater Safety: Raft,Kayak, Surf.                           Missoula, MT