Swiftwater Rescue Training

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Swiftwater Rescue Classes are all available in Missoula this spring and summer. We have taught swiftwater rescue on rivers all over the world since 1994: We offer our classes cooperatively with Montana River Guides, The Whitewater Rescue Institute, and Aerie Backcountry Medicine. Call 406-240-9833 to register. Or Email: missoularafttrips@gmail.com.

Our Swiftwater rescue classes are designed for professional guides and rescuers, and private boaters who want to be better prepared to avoid river accidents and to respond when things do go wrong.

Learn how to recognize and avoid hazards, self rescue, and help others in our three day swiftwater rescue training sessions in April, May, and June. Private boaters, whitewater guides, and rescue professionals all love this class. Instructors will discuss equipment, reading water, and risk management in the classroom before heading to the river for Montana’s most comprehensive river rescue clinic. Lear self-rescue, quick shore based rescues, and much more. We partner with Montana River Guides and the Whitewater Rescue Institute to offer these state of the art rescue clinic.

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Calendar Below

Swiftwater Rescue Training


April 8-10                          Swiftwater Rescue Technician                                                Missoula, MT

April 22-24                       Swiftwater Rescue Technician                                                 Missoula, MT

May 6-8                            Swiftwater Rescue: Technician                                               Missoula, MT

May 13-15                        Whitewater Rescue Institue: Technician                               Missoula, MT

June 10-12                          Swiftwater Rescue: Technician                                                Missoula, MT