Rafting Camps In Missoula

Join Us For A Rafting Camp In Missoula

To learn about the art of Clark Fork River rafting, join 10,000 Waves for some fun professional training on the most beautiful rivers in the country. Our rafting camps & workshops near Missoula, MT will cover the knowledge and skills necessary to guide your own boat in Class II and II whitewater.  Our whitewater workshops for adults focus on preparing participants to lead family and friends on river trips. Our Teen Camps combine river rescue drills, team building, and fun rafting and kayaking trips for the kids. From learning to raft to learning to guide rafting trips, we have a class that is right for you.

Summer Teen Adventure Camps 

Whitewater Rafting Workshops and Teen Adventure Camps are all available in Missoula this spring and summer. We have taught rafting camps on rivers all over the world since 1994: Our whitewater summer camps in Missoula, MT are open to all kids age 11-17. These camps are designed by river guides with kids. They are fun and focus on teamwork and whitewater skills building. With the Blackfoot River and the Clark fork River , we have great options to offer kids fun and appropriate sections of river to float depending on weather and river conditions.  Each day we float a different section of river and learn paddling, rowing, and river rescue techniques. Instructors can emphasize rafting, kayaking, pack rafting, and even riverboarding and surfing depending on the kid’s abilities and interests. Each day we reinforce solid river risk management principles like using the right equipment, dressing properly, and also always containing a river trip with upstream and downstream safety.  We offer our classes cooperatively with Montana River Guides, The Whitewater Rescue Institute, and Aerie Backcountry Medicine. Call 406-240-9833 to register. Or Email: missoularafttrips@gmail.com.  To reserve for one of our Teen Camps: Click HereRaft Guide Training


White Water Rafting Camp & Clinics: Learn to Row!

Our white water rafting camp in Missoula, MT is offered at both our Alberton Gorge and Blackfoot River locations. We start by reviewing trip preparation, proper equipment, and raft rigging. We emphasize learning to read water and how to recognize and avoid potential hazards like strainers. Instructors will provide an emphasis on rowing or paddle raft instruction, depending on your preference. We always tailor our clinics to meet student’s needs. You’ll learn how to safely put-in and take -out, and how to maneuver a raft or kayak in current and whitewater. Instructors emphasize ferrying, eddy turns, and peel outs. We’ll also practice self-rescue, defensive swimming technique, and recovering from boat flips.


Raft Guide Training


Classes, Camps & Workshops

April 1-3                           Rafting Workshop: Rowing Whitewater                 Missoula

April 8-10                       Whitewater Rafting Workshop                                   Missoula

April 8-12                        Raft Guide School                                                         Missoula

April 15-17                       Whitewater Rafting Workshop                                  Missoula

April  22-24                     Swiftwater Rescue Clinic                                            Missoula

May 6-8                             Swiftwater Rescue Clinic                                           Missoula
May 13-15                         Swiftwater Rescue Clinic                                            Missoula

May 13-17                          RAFT GUIDE SCHOOL                                             Missoula 

June 10-12                        Swiftwater Rescue Clinic                                           Missoula

June 10-14                        RAFT GUIDE SCHOOL                                               Missoula 
June 14-15                        Whitewater Rafting Workshop                                 Missoula

June 17-19                       Family Whitewater Workshop                                    Missoula

June 15-18                      Teen Whitewater Skills Camp                                     Missoula

June 20-23                       Teen Whitewater Skills Camp                                     Missoula

June 27-30                        Teen Whitewater Camp                                               Missoula

Interested In A Whitewater Camp?

We design our camps for both individuals and groups. Whether you have no experience on the river or you’re an expert angler, a whitewater camp with 10,000 Waves is open to you. Families or a group of friends who want to learn together can either sign up for an existing clinic or we can schedule a private, custom class for you. Our classes and camps appeal to all ages. For a small investment of time and money, you can learn about river safety, how to guide a boat, and how to recognize and avoid trouble when rafting on the Clark Fork River. These are skills to last a lifetime that can provide access to some of Montana’s most beautiful rivers.

Why Choose 10,000 Waves?

For over two decades 10,000 Waves has been offering hands-on, practical whitewater instruction. Our guides and instructors work on the river every day all summer and are ready to share practical and purposeful skills for white water rafting. Our camps are never over-packed with students, as we endeavor to keep classes small for more one-on-one time with the instructors. Our gear is state-of-the-art, so you can be comfortable and ride in style while on your river trip. We collaborate with other respected businesses and organizations such as Montana River Guides and the Whitewater Rescue Institute to offer better training.

Get Started Today

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge, understanding, and experience on the river try one of our spring rafting workshops or summer white water rafting camps. It is a healthy, safe, relaxing form of activity that is good for the whole family. Our teen camps help younger rafters to get ready for summer safety on the water.

Sign up online for one of our courses. Or give us a call if you are unsure which camp is right for you. Our certified team is standing by to get you on board for a journey of a lifetime. They say you never regret the things you do in life, but rather the things you don’t do. Say yes to one of the best ways to spend a summer season in Montana – on the river.