Missoula Rafting & Kayaking on the Clark Fork River

Missoula Whitewater Rafting

Alberton Gorge Rafting with 10000 Waves

Missoula whitewater rafting in August is the best Montana has to offer. Our Alberton Gorge raft trips part daily at 9 am, 2 pm and 4pm. Summer Missoula rafting on the Clark Fork River’s Alberton Gorge combines incredible scenery with Montana’s best family whitewater rapids. The Clark Fork River is currently flowing at over 4,000 cfs, much higher than the Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers near Yellowstone National Park. The Alberton Gorge is also flowing higher than the Middle Fork of the Flathead River near Glacier National Park. This means more rapids and more fun on this off-the beaten-path, well kept secret whitewater gem in Mineral County Montana.
The Alberton Gorge holds Montana’s best summer whitewater kayaking too.

Rapids like Cliffside and Potters Plunge get bigger as the river flows drop, while legendary rapids like Tumbleweed and Fang still pack a whitewater punch. We offer daily Missoula kayaking trips on the Clark Fork River, either whitewater kayaking or scenic kayaking.

10,000 Waves Rafting & Kayaking Adventures is located right on the Clark Fork River west of Missoula. We provide all of your equipment so all you need to do is reserve your trio, and show up ready to get wet and have fun. Our most popular trips include lunch and cost $85 per person. These trips meet at 9am. Typically we are the first ones on the river for the day and regular see a variety of hawks, osprey, and eagles during the trips.

While whitewater trips are the most popular, we also offer non-whitewater scenic floats. At current flows we recommend our scenic Missoula raft trips through the Tarkio Gorge. Perfect for families with young kids.